Digital art is a problem child in the art world. You can’t hold it in your hands, but you know you love it. General Anxiety frames digital art where it can be seen, heard and talked about. All aiming to be part of a larger, more tangible discourse, connecting people and context with form, rhythm and idea to generate unique, intimate and memorable experiences.

Video above from Digital Graffiti 2018 at Alys Beach
Art: LIA, Homage to Bridget Riley, 2018
Documentation: Stacy Vereen, Loyal Brand Company


Brett Phares, founder of General Anxiety, is an artist and curator working in immersive art and the built environment. With 20+ years in interactive media, he has created innovative projects for both startups and international brands alike. He earned his MFA from Hunter College in Integrated Media Arts, and MA in Art History, Theory and Criticism from SUNY Stony Brook. He has shown in North America, Asia and Australia; has written and taught on our pre-disposed blindness in everyday experience; and is cofounder and curator of Alys Beach’s annual projected art festival Digital Graffiti (going into its 12th year) and artist residency.